Carrot cake cookies

Carrot cake cookies - these are a modern take on the classic carrot cake and make a healthy lunchbox treat or after school snack. Perfect for some Easter baking. 

Recipe makes approx. 12 cookies.

Strawberry & rhubarb fool

Strawberry & rhubarb fool - a colourful and light spring dessert that is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Children absolutely love making this one!

Recipe serves 6. 

Spring leek & potato soup

Spring leek & potato soup - this delicious and comforting dish makes a budget-friendly mid-week lunch or supper. Make double and freeze in containers for another day. A true classic and one your children will enjoy helping with.

Makes 6 large portions.

Christmas Tree Snack Platter

Christmas Tree Snack Platter - children will love washing, chopping, cubing and arranging this Christmas tree healthy snack platter. Great to try over the holiday season. Experiment with cucumber, tomatoes, melon, different cheeses, rosemary, olives, peppers, crackers. Let your imagination run wild!

Tasty Christmas Crumble

Tasty Christmas Crumble - this healthy pud is perfect for trying over the holiday season and all the spices will make your home smell amazing! Makes one large crumble or can be made in individual ramekin dishes. 

Half-sugar festive gingerbread shapes

Half-sugar festive gingerbread shapes - This recipe uses half the sugar of other gingerbread recipes and is great for baking with children. Use gingerbread men cutters, love hearts or stars to make a fun and delicious lunchbox or after school treat. 

Recipe makes approx 24 gingerbread shapes.

Homemade Rainbow Pizza

Homemade Rainbow Pizza - A delicious, colourful and nutritious recipe designed to get the whole family to have fun and eat a rainbow! Ham, tuna, cooked chicken or pepperoni can also be added before cooking for extra taste. 

Apple and cinnamon cake

Apple and cinnamon traybake cake - An easy to make cake with seasonal apples that children will love to help make.

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

Chunky Root Vegetable Soup - this warming soup makes a great lunch or after school tea. Roasting the vegetables first makes this soup utterly delicious. 

Easy Minestrone Soup

Easy Minestrone Soup - this is an easy, colourful and tasty soup that used frozen veg and tinned beans to make a delicious mid-week dinner or weekend lunch. Feeds 4.