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Eat a Rainbow

‘Eat a Rainbow’ in healthy eating terms is a fun phrase to encourage a higher intake of fruit and vegetables. We asked Nutritionist Louisa Gregory about the details of why colour in our diet is important.


Weaning can typically be thought of in terms of 3 stages. 

Stage 1 is introducing the very first foods to your baby in the form of smooth purees and very soft finger foods. Tastes are introduced one at a time and baby is observed for possible reactions. At this stage baby cannot chew but they can move food forwards and backwards and swallow. This stage usually starts around 5-6 months and lasts for a couple of weeks.

Snack Attack - Healthy Snack Ideas

Snack Attack - Healthy Snack Ideas

Ever noticed how some days your little one's demands for snacks are never ending!! Here at Cooking Good we want to encourage children's participation in meal prepping and the enjoyment of new recipes so hopefully snacking will be reduced. When school holidays come around however, the need to have some healthy snack ideas up your sleeve really will be useful!

Try some of the following ideas to keep on track with health eating and introduce your kids to new tastes and textures:

1. Apple slices with nut butter dip

Healthy Breakfasts - An alternative to sugary cereals

Healthy Breakfasts - An alternative to sugary cereals

Ever wondered why breakfast cereals dominate an entire aisle of the supermarket? They provide a quick, attractive and easy breakfast solution for hungry kids and busy parents. They are sold as a healthy option and the colourful boxes highlight the goodness of essential fibre, whole grains and vitamins. What cereal company's often keep quiet about however, is how laden the cereals are with sugar and as a result how hungry children can be soon after eating them!

Savvy Shopping

Savvy Shopping - Tips for making your weekly food budget go further.

There is no denying that food shopping is expensive. Being healthy and cooking meals from scratch can seem off-putting if the cost of ingredients eat too heavily into your budget. Cooking Good have ensured our carefully selected recipes keep things simple and cost effective. They are based on family classics that are nutritious, easy to put together and don't include a long list of pricey and difficult to get hold of ingredients.

Why Exercise is So Important

Why Exercise is So Important

According to the NHS children up to the age of 18yrs need a minimum of 60mins physical activity each day. This can range from moderate activity such as playing on a playground or cycling, to more active exercise such as running. Children and young people should also try to reduce the amount of time sat watching TV, playing computer games or time spent in the car. 

Being active for at least 60mins per day is linked with better general health, stronger bones & muscles, and better self-esteem & mental well-being.