Cooking good food at home on a budget

Cooking Good is a community cooking project, originally based in rural Daventry and South Northants. It was created to focus on helping families to cook, simple, tasty and healthy food from scratch.

In the current climate, we are all thinking about cooking on a budget, going out to buy food less often and making our food go further. Se whether it’s simple, low-cost meals, food storage, making the most of what you have in or how to keep the kids entertained with cooking whilst everyone is at home, we’re here for you. You never know, you may even improve your cooking skills and hopefully have some fun in the process.

Take a look at our new recipe videos on YouTube and come back soon to view some skills demonstrations.

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  • Apple and oat pancakes

    Apple pancakes - these are a great healthy and delicious breakfast that are surprisingly easy to make.

  • Zesty salmon balls

    Zesty salmon balls - this recipe is quick to prepare and kids love mixing, rolling and coating the salmon balls.

  • Cosy cottage pie recipe

    Cosy cottage pie - this is a great recipe for batch cooking and using up vegetables that need eating.

  • Twelve Mini Omelettes

    Mini omelettes - these make a great breakfast or lunch and can be made ahead and stored in the fridge.

  • Hulk pancakes Green!

    Hulk pancakes - kids absolutely love these pancakes and they are a great way of sneaking in some vitamin C-rich spinach!

  • Sunshine Vegetable Soup

    Sunshine Soup - Roasted root vegetable soup makes a delicious and nutritious lunch. Make double and freeze for a rainy day.

If you live in South Northants and rural areas around Daventry, please contact us to learn more.

Phone: (Lorraine)  07969 134887
Email: lorraine@health-works.co.uk

Family fun and free food!

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